The Future of Digital Media in Higher Education in East Africa

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We’re not like any other marketing company. How so? Our mission is to help people attain rewarding careers through education and training—and we’re so committed to this idea that we’ve vertically integrated to provide training directly in some cases.
According to an Inside Higher Ed survey, 61 percent of postsecondary institutions are facing a decline in domestic enrollment.1

Most higher education professionals know now the predictable year-over-year growth is over, the steal-share environment is the new normal and signs of increased competition abound.

One of those signs is we’re at a tipping point in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. During the last five years, costs-per-click have increased by 401 percent. More recently, general education query volume remained flat, paralleling the general demand for higher education.

None of this has deterred new competitors from entering the space.

In the coming pages, we will cast a new, encompassing vision for digital media in higher education and explain how the PPC channel can evolve to both remain viable and support an integrated marketing mix.


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