About Us

We help students discover higher education opportunities and inspire them to take the first step toward a better career. We partner with higher education institutions and employers to remain the constant in the student experience – from a student’s first search to matching with the right school to putting their skills to work.


We are focused on helping people attain rewarding careers through education and training because opportunity is the key to a better life. We live our mission by empowering people to invest in themselves, pursue their education and connect with quality employers.


If we’re telling the story from the beginning, the story doesn’t start with JiCom. It started in Sept 27, 2019 when a Digital Direct-Response Marketing Agency company known as  BraiWeb Technologies Ltd was born. Later in April 2020, BraiWeb Tech decided to launch JiCom with aim of pioneering college education marketing to help thousands of students secure rewarding careers and improve their lives.


As higher education and marketing evolved, so did we. We lead the online learning revolution and connecting a new generation of students to opportunity.


JiCom is our next evolution. We honor our past but use everything we’ve learned to renew our focus on individual students and communities. We are dedicated as ever to changing the world through education. One student at a time. One community at a time.

Who We Help


Match the right students with the right institutions to ensure students persist and prosper.


Meet potential students where they are and understand what they want to achieve with their education.


Involve business in bridging the gap between today’s education and the demands of tomorrow’s workforce.


How we work together at JiCom is as important as what we do. So much that we have a few behaviors we particularly value. We:

Bring data: We take a data-first approach to achieving exceptional results.

Win together: We are the key to our success. We hold each other accountable to do the important, often difficult work.

Fail forward: We are agile, take risks, and experiment. We may make mistakes along the way, but we learn and grow from them.

Make sparks: Friction creates fire. We challenge each other and ask hard questions to discover new ideas.

Make a mark: We think big and bold, and share our time and talents to make the community a better place.

Have fun and kick ass: We compete, have our sights set high and take our work seriously – from Adwords to ping pong.